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About Maple Wood Flooring

Maple Hardwood Flooring

Maple Hardwood Flooring



Maple hardwood floors are widely recognized for the style they bring to modern homes. With a uniform look, the simplicity of design comes through with maple hardwood flooring. While it’s true that maple hardwood is attractive, it is also true that maple hardwood floors are incredibly durable and shock-resistant. For this reason, maple hardwood is the primary flooring selection for gym and sports floors. Naturally occurring in Europe, Northern Africa, and North America, maple trees are plentiful and large, growing up to one hundred and thirty feet tall.


What are the Characteristics of Maple Hardwood?


Maple hardwood floors have a consistent, basic, grain that adds subtlety to home design. The direction of the grain is straight, running in only one direction. The straight, smooth grain of maple draws attention to clean lines, and the other elements of home décor, which is why maple is an excellent choice for a contemporary, eclectic, or modern design.


Maple Hardwood Stain Colors


Maple hardwood floors do not vary greatly in color like other hardwood options. Maple is a light-toned hardwood, with a white, cream color and light red accents in some pieces. With its honey-colored notes, maple takes stains well but is most often sealed rather than stained. Sealing maple floors instead of staining them bring about the genuine qualities of the wood, and as time passes, the wood can deepen in its golden tone.


Are Maple Hardwood Floors Durable?


Maple hardwood floors resist scuffs but can show scratches more than other hardwoods because of the light color and grain. As a particularly hard surface, maple is less prone to dents and scrapes due to accidents or foot traffic. Especially ideal for those with high traffic, kids, and pets, maple continues to be one of the best options when it comes to design adaptability and durability.


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